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Full Name:Shivani Mehrotra
Message:• Mission: Map Learner’s Multiple Intelligence, Interests & Talent (M.I.I.T.) profile with a relevant conventional and unconventional career path and job. • Vision: Create an Individualized Learning & Earning model which is Scalable across the Globe along with building Transparency & Trust in the Education System with the application of Deep Technologies (including Machine Learning & Blockchain). Edubuk maps each Learner’s Multiple Intelligence, Interests & Talent (M.I.I.T.) profile with a relevant career path & job, including jobs like becoming a dancer, musician, singer, actor, painter, artists, sportsperson etc. We provide an option of Customized online-cum-offline Learning Plan which enables the learner to acquire skill-sets required to achieve his chosen career path. We also keep an immutable & verifiable digital record of learning and experience on the Blockchain for all Edubuk system participants. Edubuk also provides “Community Connect” platform, which connects Schools, Parents, Teachers, Students, Experts and Learning Enablers with each-other via public and private online conversation rooms. By having “learning”, “career path” and “employability” as the focus of all the conversations with all relevant stakeholders in learner’s development, we can help create better all-round developed professionals in the society.
Objectives: Gone are the days of the Industrial Revolution which created an education system suitable for industrial workers. Almost two decades have passed since we entered the 21st Century, where technological advancements have brought about changes in almost all the sectors of the economy but education sector still lags behind. We believe the need of the hour is to re-think the present education system and create a Customized & Individualized Learning Model which is both affordable and scalable. Global expenditures in the Education sector have increased to an estimated $6.5 trillion in 2017. Developing countries in Asia and Africa are the major drivers of growth in demand for education due to increase in their population and low literacy rate levels. Although per-capita spend on education is increasing amongst the middle class in these countries, yet there is a dearth of quality education which aids in meaningful skill development thereby creating employable educated professionals. Major issues crippling the education system are increasing tuition fees, rising education loans resulting in huge debt burden on the students and/or their families. This problem is further exacerbated by various middlemen that link the students to the educational institutions. There is no trustworthy source to verify the learning and skillsets acquired especially when there have been several reported instances of fake degrees issued by fake institutes. Also, current education system focuses on imparting and enhancing only two types of Multiple Intelligences (as per Prof. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory) i.e. Logical Mathematical Intelligence and Linguistic Intelligence. All these prevalent problems in current education systems makes it less affordable, less trustworthy, less holistic and of less quality. Edubuk aims to create a customized, scalable yet affordable Online Quality Education Marketplace platform by leveraging machine learning and blockchain technology. The platform helps students & learners by creating their MIIT (Multiple Intelligence, Interests & Talent) Results and Career Mapping Report, creating Customized Learning Plan, creating their academic & professional profile verifiable on the blockchain and finally suggesting relevant conventional and unconventional jobs using machine learning.
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