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Urban Oasis
Full Name:Vinko Lesic
Message:By combining the vertical farming with cutting-edge technology, UrbanOasis is the brink of IoT, cloud-based IT, aeroponics, resource efficiency, intelligent algorithms and passion for nature – targeted as personal, household product. It is capable of offering several suitable microclimates for any type and large number of plants at the same time, from jungle flora to everyday agriculture. With immense savings of water and nutrients, the only pre-requisite is a source of electricity. We bring a high-tech premium agricultural product with a personal touch and impact, for a noble cause of health, tranquility and green-tech beauty. The Urban Oasis is your personal oasis for priceless family peace and comfort, as a background-center of your home.
Objectives:At AIM Startup we are looking for partners, investors and pre-sales.
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