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Pentation Analytics Pvt.Ltd.
Full Name:Samuel Varghese
Message:Grex Winner
Objectives:Pentation Analytics, as an insurtech , enables insurers and intermediaries to better engage with policy holders. We provide predictive intelligence and process automation tools addressing the core insurance use-cases of increasing retention, cross-sales and optimizing claims. Insurers and Insurance intermediaries spend considerable time and money to acquire their customers, and then run large processes to retain them; however, retaining a profitable customer portfolio remains a challenge. Pentation Analytics mitigates attrition and advances customer value and experience. Leveraging on Advanced Data Analytics including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. And the solution comes in a software, with a user interface, which can be used from the CEO to the last mile. The process utilizes structured and unstructured data such as feedback and web activity from multiple sources, forms, volume and variety. Our objective in participating in AIM startup is to connect to potential customers and leverage synergies and to interact with potential investors.
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