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Full Name:Hamed Al Amri
Message:Zayr is an Omani startup partnering with Oman Technology Fund. We are a unique marketplace connecting curious travelers, who are looking for authentic experiences, with passionate locals.
Objectives:Zayr offers local home dining experiences to travelers in the MENA region. Given the rise of online travel booking websites, Traditional Tour Agencies are looking for new growth markets to increase their revenue. In the MENA region $1Billlion worth of travelers are looking to experience local home dining once per vacation. Through travel partners and Zayr Platform, visitors access vetted and certified local host profiles and book an experience of their choosing. We have obtained over 60 hosting families through one online ad. As for the visitors, Zayr has secured two premium partners in the eco-system (5-star hotel & Tour Agency). Both partners went through the Zayr experience and have immediately agreed to give Zayr access to 18,000 visitor/year. Additionally, The strategic relationships secured with premium partners gives Zayr unmatched access to a steady stream of exactly the right kind of tourists. Most importantly, providing a vital extra revenue stream to both partners and hosts gives Zayr a strong network effect in the industry. The current revenue models being piloted charges visitors $50/each. The first model, splits the revenue into 10% commission to partners, 60% to hosts and 30% to Zayr. The second mode, the direct to consumer revenue is split into 60% to hosts and 40% to Zayr. To date, 25 visitors have experienced Zayr; resulting in $1,250 earned in revenue. Our team of co-founders has the right mix of expertise to make this project a reality. Three engineers and one linguistics specialist; we have experience in hosting travelers, tour guiding, tourism connection, and financial and business planning experience. By 18 months Zayr aims to certify 1K Hosts, secure 30 partners, and serve 13K travelers.
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