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Full Name:Maimoona Nalkhande
Message:Bringing Mindfulness To Money
Objectives: At Finllec, we are driven to bring mindfulness to money. We take on the challenge of empowering student communities to become more mindful about their saving and spending behaviour, so that, they can be bold - with their action, ideas, and purpose. A mobile application - in the making, Finllect in focused on educating 16 to 23-year-olds in the UAE about the importance of financial literacy. We provide users with insights into purchasing behaviour to make wise decisions. Students can track and monitor expenses, celebrate progress amongst their community on our leader-board, win incentives, and build money management skills on our learning feed through accessing bespoke videos, podcasts and articles that are curated to improve their financial acumen. With 93% of the student population in the UAE experiencing financial stress, Finllect is dedicated to helping students improve their life-long relationship with money through education, discipline and self-awareness.
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