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Full Name:Bara Wahbeh
Message:Single use toilet bag with a sanitation kit
Objectives: AKYAS is a disposable single-use biodegradable bag that can be used in multiple settings regardless of sanitation infrastructure disinfect pathogens within the feces to prevent disease transmission, and offers single-use hygiene products to ensure hand hygiene. Akyas will be a cheap, effective sanitation solution to populations who lack this basic service, such as in humanitarian crises as it easy to deploy. Also, Proper sanitation and hygiene will reduce suffering from disease and poor sanitation. In addition, the product utilizes the energy within fecal products by transforming the feces into fertilizer that is safe for use. In turn, this might improve the viability of small-scale agriculture among families that can contribute to food security. Akyas aim to revolutionize the concept of Toilet in the modern world, whether it is for an emergency context or for an urban space in normal settings. Moderns cities have been building complex wastewater network and treatment plants to process human waste because of a misconception and fear of the (stool and urine) which happens to be natural organic compounds, this waste which can be converted into a safe soil nutrient (Pathogen-free) Akyas will terminate all the pathogens in the feces and convert the human waste into useful nutrients for the soil, which can be used in the back garden directly. Akyas will provide the same functions with a fraction of the capital and running expenses of the current wastewater system and will short time as well to be ready for operations. Akyas is expected to have positive social and environmental impact. By empowering displaced populations to defecate in a location of their choosing, there is the potential of improving their dignity, and reducing gender-based violence. Furthermore, by ensuring that the defecation process is one that is hygienic.
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