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What is AIM Startup?

AIM Startup was launched in 2017 as an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Economy to connect promising startups with investors and business partners from other parts of the world— set in the heart of the UAE’s Annual Investment Meeting, the World’s Leading FDI Platform for Emerging Markets and held under the Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. AIM Startup is an ideal platform for startup companies looking to raise capital, expand into new markets and forge meaningful business relationships with major investors, business leaders, representatives of international institutions and government entities. April 9-11, AIM Startup will host the second edition of its annual Innovation Showcase and Pitch Competition in Dubai, UAE, in conjunction with the Annual Investment Meeting, Future Cities Show and DIGAE.

This year, 200 promising startups will convene under one roof to meet with investors, corporates, government representatives and industry experts and will be given the opportunity to demo their groundbreaking solutions to a global audience of 19,000+.  

Minister's Welcome

There is a general consensus that digital technologies have emerged as a key to improve work performance, safety, security, tailored services and general quality of life of our people. In many parts of the world, be it from large companies’ R&D centers or at an enthusiast’s garage, technological advances that we need for our advancement as a global community are readily available or at least are in the making.Our challenge and responsibility is to create bridges between innovators and foster durable links with the potential investors and partners that will help bring tomorrow faster.

Smart Technologies are a priority focus for the UAE investment policies. Specifically, when their applications serve individuals, society, companies, smart government, resource planning and infrastructure management. We believe that the digital revolution cannot and should not be opposed. We chose to embrace the challenge and made it the opportunity to transition our economy towards a more diversified, inclusive and knowledge-based model.

The UAE is a young nation and as we have high expectations for the next generations to continue fueling the boom of smart technologies, we will keep laying down the ground work for the country to become a global leader. For this reason, the UAE government is leading the digital initiatives to encourage young entrepreneurs, startup companies and SMEs to be our partners in harnessing global digitization.

AIM Startup 2019 will help innovators tackle financial challenges, meet with like-minded technology enthusiasts and find advice from experts with a view to make their vision a reality. The 3-day event brings together policy makers, corporate representatives,consultants, IP law experts, financial institutions, startups, SMEs and solution providers under one roof to facilitate global investment partnerships and collaborations.

The tomorrow we envision for youth, founders and SMEs will be achieved by actively driving economic growth. Only by taking the necessary steps and empowering them now, are we assured of a prosperous and sustainable future.

Eng. Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri
Minister of Economy, United Arab Emirates

2019 Theme : Harnessing Global Digitization to Empower Startups and SMEs

The global adoption of digital technologies has undeniably changed the way organizations operate. The shift in consumer expectation, the growing need for new technologies and the prospect of greater economic benefits are driving digitization and digital transformation. The trend has been reshaping the economy thereby creating the need for a specialized expertise to help organizations navigate their way through digital transformation.

As an example, AI technologies offer a way for many companies to reach most or all of their audience. They have improved operational efficiency, reduced costs associated with customer service and supported sales and marketing functions. So far, these applications are merely scratching the surface of what technologies could offer an organization. Yet digitization has already created the need to invest in blockchain, process automation, digital workforce and cybersecurity to name but a few areas.

Though these interactive systems are taking a number of forms and are existing as part of numerous ecosystems and platforms, they are still underutilized by organizations. This phenomenon exists not for the absence of the technologies, but rather due to unfamiliarity to the technology and the fluctuating manner of the existing ones, combined with the lack of strategic management of resources to adapt to this new era’s market demands. For several years, business trends leaned toward digital transformation without any monitored action plans This has created a widening gap between organizations that are taking the leap towards adoption and ones that are watching conservatively and cannot fully understand and utilize this alien technology.

But no more.

AIM Startup 2019, themed “Harnessing Global Digitization to Empower Startups and SMEs”, will not debate the Sci-Fi like possible future that technology could bring us, but will rather critically discuss the benefits, challenges, and opportunities that being at the frontline of the Industry 4.0 holds. AIM Startup 2019 brings together policymakers, industry experts, innovative entrepreneurs and financial institutions under one roof with a view to bridge the gap in the utilization of technology and set forth the action plans for the next decade. Furthermore, the event aims to maximize real and current opportunities at a time when a range of technological ideas are ripe for commercialization.

2017-2018 Activities

2018 Features

200 Startups will showcase their groundbreaking products/ services to a global audience comprising of investors, corporates, industry experts, thought leaders and government officials for 3 full days.

Eligible Startups will be shortlisted to pitch their businesses to a panel of expert judges and to a room filled with investors, with a goal to attract capital investment and cash prizes, over a period of two days.

Participants will be given access to attend world-class workshops and professional coaching sessions conducted by industry leaders from across the world.

AIM startup will arrange meetings for all participating startups with interested and relevant parties, such as investors, potential business partners, corporates and government representatives.

Global minds will join for AIM Startup’s full day conference. Thought leaders and industry titans will share their expertise and insights on current trends and future technologies in an interactive setting.

Selected startups will be awarded with various prizes, including a total cash prize of 50,000 USD, to be distributed to finalists in recognition of their achievements and innovations.







Gain insight and knowledge as founders, investors and industry leaders share their stories through interactive discussions, fireside chats and keynotes.


Grow your network by participating at AIM Startup and gain access to the world’s most influential people.


Participants of AIM Startup Pitch Competition and the Innovation Showcase Exhibition will be eligible to receive cash prize of 50,000 USD and other rewards in recognition of the most innovative companies.


Meet with Officials, Investors and Experts from your respective industries, who can take your business to the next level. AIM Startup will feature networking sessions where investors and entrepreneurs can meet one-on-one.


The winners of AIM Startup Pitch Competition and Innovation Showcase Exhibition will be honored with awards in recognition of their impressive achievements at the AIM Startup Awards Ceremony.

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This year AIM Startup is looking for startups that are providing solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Developement Goals and promoting Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth through emerging technologies.



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